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Project Pericles is a vibrant consortium of colleges and universities that promotes civic engagement within higher education. Building on the innovative vision of Eugene M. Lang, Project Pericles works in the classroom, on the campus, and in the communityThe national office of Project Pericles collaborates with Periclean colleges and universities to encourage faculty to incorporate civic engagement and social responsibility into the curriculum, and to empower students as effective advocates and leaders. Our research projects and publications foster greater awareness within higher education about the value and importance of civic engagement.

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Project Pericles is deeply saddened by the loss of

Eugene M. Lang, our founder and Chair Emeritus

Recent News and Updates

2018 D4D Letters to an Elected Official Competition 2018 Winners Announced

Read the full article and other exciting Periclean news featured in our 2018 Spring Newsletter

Teams from Carleton College, Pace University, Pitzer College, Reed College, and Skidmore College were selected as the winners of the 2018 Debating for Democracy (D4D)™ Letters to an Elected Official competition. Each team will receive a $500 award to use on an advocacy campaign focused on their issue.

Carleton College-Ilan Friedland '21, Marlena Resnick '21, Sophie Rogers '21, Justine Seligson '19, and Jackie Tyson '20 wrote to Representative Jason Lewis (R-MN). Their campaign focuses on support for Bill H.F. 3022 which "directly targets the aspects of current gun legislation that makes it easier for violent individuals to possess a gun." 

Pace University-David Lê '19 and Laurianne Gutierrez '22 wrote to Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) "to implore (you) to introduce legislation to repeal the Dickey Amendment in order to permit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to fund research that could help provide a solution to the problem of gun violence in the United States," The pair are planning a petition drive as well as outreach to elected officials.

Pitzer College-Marquise Brooks, Malakai Embry, Pedro Florez, and Amber Burkhart '20 and Blake Clement '20 wrote to Representative Nanette Barragán (D-CA) in support of Title I of Bill 3356, which would support research on strategies to reduce recidivism among the formerly incarcerated. The five students are part of a Pitzer "Inside-Out" class. They wrote, "The course takes place at California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) so some of us writing this letter are incarcerated" the others are "typical college students at Pitzer." The group plans to advocate for greater support to assist the formerly incarcerated in integrating into their communities. "We are particularly interested in providing adequate halfway homes for people reentering the free world." As part of their campaign, they will film testimonials from the formerly incarcerated, display them online, and share them with elected officials.

Reed College-Soha Ahmed '20, Maya Arigala '20, Mayaki Kimba '20, and Kwani Marcellay '20 wrote to Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) about the implementation of House Bill 2845 which directs the Department of Education to develop Ethnic Studies standards for adoption into existing standards for public K-12 education. They requested greater geographic and racial diversity on the advisory group responsible for the implementation of ethnic studies in the Oregon public school system. Gresham is the most diverse city in the state but currently lacks representation on the advisory panel whose members are drawn from Portland and Salem. The group is planning on creating a Community Ethnic Studies Library for students in the Centennial School District and Gresham-Barlow School District.

Skidmore College-Isaac Bardin '20 and Ted Randell '19 wrote to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) "to urge you as a member of the subcommittee on Fisheries, Water, and Wildlife to introduce legislation ... to prohibit oil andS gas leasing. We need legislation to protect our coastlines, wildlife, and communities from the Trump administration'sill- advised attempt to drill for fossil fuels off the coast of the United States." The team is planning on mobilizing a grassroots campaign in support of the bill and will visit Albany to meet with their Representatives and Senators about this important issue.

2017 Debating for Democracy (D4D) Students Protect the Hudson River from Oil Tankers 

Rowan Lanning  ('18) and Christina Thomas ('19), Pace University, won the 2017 D4D Letters to an Elected Official competition for their letter seeking to halt the use of the Hudson River as an anchorage for oil tankers, a practice the Coast Guard had proposed without consultation with local communities or developing an environmental impact study. In collaboration with Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), the Pace University D4D team ran a successful campaign to protect the Hudson River from the threat of oil spills. Thanks to the work of Christina, Rowan, and many others, the Coast Guard withdrew its proposal to permit anchorages for oil tankers. The Coast Guard appointed the students as official observers for its Port and Waterway Safety Assessment meetings held in November.

"In light of these recent and exciting developments [the withdrawal of the Coast Guard's proposal], we are left in the unexpected position of ... being able to declare victory....  We are thrilled to continue on [with] this exciting experience and appreciate your [Project Pericles'] ... support."- Rowan Lanning , Pace University ('18) 

The Reed College Team Met with Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Oregon State
Senator Kathleen Taylor (D-21)  as part of their work on Federal and State Legislation to protect students from sexual assault. Leilani Ganser ('19) spoke with Senator Merkley about the health care needs of sexual assault survivors and is working with Senator Merkley's office to introduce a bill that amends FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) to classify sexual assault as a public health issue that must be included on transcripts (the bill proposed in their letter). The team is also working with Oregon State Senator Kathleen Taylor and a representative from Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum's office to lower the state standard of evidence in Title IX investigations to a "Preponderance of the Evidence" standard.

Leilani Ganser (Reed College) and Senator Merkley
Leilani Ganser, Reed College ('19), with Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR)

For the D4D Letter to an Elected Official Competition Leilani Ganser ('19) and Sonya Morud ('19) wrote "A Letter in Support of the Safe Transfer Act" (would require post-secondary institutions to disclose sex offenses on students' transcripts) to Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR).

For more updates on our 2017 teams, please read our Winter 2018 and Early Fall 2017 newsletters.

Project Pericles in The Chronicle of Higher Education

In its recent article, "How Colleges Ignite Civic Engagement." The Chronicle of Higher Education cited Project Pericles as one of the civic engagement organizations making a difference with college students. Pericleans, Goucher College and Pitzer College, were also highlighted. Our Executive Director, Jan Liss, emphasizeded our goal of institutionalizing civic engagement across the curriculum.

From The Chronicle - "...College students need to be able to see public issues from a wide variety of angles," says Jan Liss .... "We'd love to see civic-engagement courses embedded in a number of majors — everything from music to physics to theater."

Link to article.

Periclean Faculty Leaders Wow at AAC&U Annual Meeting in D.C.

Phong Le @ AAC&U

On January 25, four Periclean Faculty Leaders presented, "From Curriculum To Community: Encouraging Faculty and Students To Change The World." Click here to read the article! 

Creating Curricular Coherence
through Inquiry-Based Curricula and Thematic Pathways

Our newest initiative explores different but allied approaches to creating greater coherence in the undergraduate curriculum. These faculty-led initiatives involve comprehensive reviews of the curriculum and are ambitious undertakings that will redefine undergraduate education at each institution for years to come. Colleges are streamlining their curricula using civic engagement and community-based learning as catalysts in their efforts. Macalester is piloting pathways in Geography and History with plans to expand their efforts. Morehouse and Widener are redesigning their curriculum with an emphasis on inquiry-based learning. Morehouse is using questions about the African diaspora to help shape its work while Widener will look at sustainability. Work has commenced on all campuses and we are looking forward to collaborating with the three campuses on this exciting and important work.

Read Our White Paper
Creating Cohesive Paths to Civic Engagement:
Five Approaches to Institutionalizing Civic Engagement

The white paper documents the accomplishments of 26 participating colleges and universities as part of Project Pericles' three-year initiative to promote a more intentional approach to civic engagement that prioritizes coherent program design and the diffusion of civic engagement throughout the undergraduate experience.

Research reveals five basic approaches to organizing curricular and co-curricular programming for civic engagement: Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility Requirements, Civic Scholars Programs, Pathway Approaches, Certificates, and Entrepreneurial/Open Choice Models.

It discusses how a mapping/survey of the civic engagement curriculum can serve as a powerful catalyst for change on campus and shares other insights from the initiative.

The White Paper and the Creating Cohesive Paths to Civic Engagement Initiative were supported by The Eugene M. Lang Foundation and The Teagle Foundation.


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